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**[[plurality|Plural / Multiple]]** – a state of having more than one person/consciousness in a body. **[[singlet|Singlet]]** – someone who is not part of a plural system; a single person in a single body. **[[system|System]]** – a neutral term referring to a body that is plural. Or more precisely, to the group that resides in it. **[[gateway_system|Gateway System]]** – a specific kind of system where the people who front are residents of an inner-world/other-world. **[[systemmate|Headmate / Systemmate]]** – A member of a plural system. Please don't use the words "alter" or "personality" unless someone explicitly tells you to do so. **[[headspace|Inner-world / Other-world / Headspace]]** – A place that members of a system may reside and/or visit. "Inner world" and "headspace" are more common in the larger community. "Other world" is nice because it doesn't have any implication about where it's located. **[[fronting|Front]]** – Control over the shared body. This act is called "fronting". Likewise, you may have "co-fronting", where there is more than one. **&** – This isn’t exactly vocabulary, but it is becoming common. It is a way to form a plural from something that is not usually explicitly plural, like "you". "How are you&?" implies asking how everyone is doing. Likewise, signing a message "- Fuzzy&" might imply, "Fuzzy and others". **[[did_mpd|DID/MPD]]** – These are psychiatric diagnoses for someone who is plural, usually by way of trauma. Many visited a doctor/therapist because of feeling disordered or dyscommunicative, but not all of them are. **[[reflector|Reflector]]**-The person in charge of the body at any given time that is reflecting back in what is seen & heard outside of the body. Also referred to as front, front runner **[[deflector|Deflector]]**-deflectors deflect feelings that may be causing difficulties. **[[widget|Widget]]**-a widget becomes part of the scenario due to a specific need that can be met by a specific individual at an age appropriate to the situation. Some also define this as an age slider. **[[sychronocitor|Sychronocitor]]**-coordinate the feelings and thoughts in reference to events that have taken place. Especially events that seem they may have happened or perhaps should have happened.

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