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Fronting is the act of one or more members of a plural system taking control of the shared body and acting through it in this world.

If more than one systemmate is fronting at the same time, that is called co-fronting.


Different systems may experience fronting in different ways, and each system may discover their own metaphors to describe the process of switching and being in front. Some examples include:

  • Being on a stage, where the audience is the outerworld and the backstage is headspace.
  • Going to a communications or control room that exists at a designated location in headspace.
  • Stepping into the body as though it were a suit to be worn.
  • Becoming much more aware of what is happening in the outerworld, feeling it viscerally rather than looking at it through a window.


Co-fronting is a state of being where more than one systemmate is in front at the same time. Different systems may experience co-fronting differently in different situations. Some ways that co-fronting may work include:

  • One person looking over another's shoulder, and chiming in when they have something to say.
  • Each systemmate operating a different part of the body. For example, while driving, one systemmate may manage the steering while another works the pedals.
  • Some systems may have members who do not remember what happens when another systemmate is in front. Co-fronting may mean that more than one systemmate have a clear memory of events that took place.

Some systems find that co-fronting is tiring, and have difficulty maintaining it for long without a lot of practice. Other systems may find that co-fronting happens naturally or even unintentionally unless a specific effort is made to distance the one person who is in front.

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