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What is plurality?

Defined most simply, plurality is the state of having more than one person in one body.

This wiki is meant to encompass all different forms of plurality, with an emphasis on “healthy plurality”, which refers to cooperative plurality that allows the people in question to function and thrive in society.

If you're looking for a place to start, perhaps you'd like to read about systemmates/headmates or systems, or perhaps peruse the glossary?

WikiPlural is a community-edited wiki; this means that anyone who's friendly to the topic (whether plural or not) is welcome to edit pages. Please just click on the Request Account link in the upper right, and follow that process to get started! Need some pointers about how to do this? Try getting started. Want to find something to write about? Check out our todo page for some ideas.

WikiPlural is a project of Plural Activism, which aims to bring public awareness to the fact that multiples, no matter their origin, are able to live healthy, successful lives without integration.

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